I am defining Creative Intelligence as the ability to frame problems in new ways and to make original solutions.

You can have a low or high ability to frame and solve problems, but these two capacities are key and they can be learned.

I place CQ within the intellectual space of gaming, scenario planning, systems thinking and, of course, design thinking.

It is a sociological approach in which creativity emerges from group activity, not a psychological approach of development stages and individual genius.

“Design Thinking is a failed experiment. So what’s next?” – Bruce Nussbaum

Depuis la fin de la maîtrise, je suis sur une quête pour comprendre la créativité, mais surtout les embûches et obstacles qui en réduisent la portée.

J’ai découvert ce nouveau concept de “Creative Intelligence” après une discussion autour du “Design thinking” en fin de semaine.

Merci Francis!